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How to Register

When performing a covered trade in Victoria under a sole trader or partnership ABN, self-employed subcontractors are required to register as an individual with LeavePlus and also register their business if they employ workers or apprentices.

To ensure your registration request as an individual subcontractor is processed in a timely manner, please ensure that you have the following information available to complete the form.

  1. Personal details
  2. Business ABN
  3. Home/postal address
  4. Authorised contact details

Once you have all the relevant information ready, use the button below to register as an individual self-employed subcontractor.

As a self-employed subcontractor, you may choose whether to pay charges towards your own long service leave. This can be a great way to build upon any previous service you may have already accrued as an apprentice or from working as an employee. Choose the ‘Contributing Working Subcontractor (WSC)’ option in the registration form to start making payments towards your own individual portable long service leave.

Employing apprentices or workers?

If you employ workers or apprentices under your ABN, you will also be required to register your business as an employer with LeavePlus and contribute for your workers in order comply with the rules of the scheme.

Before registering with LeavePlus as a Working Subcontractor, please consider the following:

Business owners who perform a trade covered by the Scheme and operate under a company ABN are classed as working directors. A working director is an employee of the company, rather than being self-employed.

Employers are required to register and pay long service leave charges on behalf of all employees who perform covered work, including working directors.

LeavePlus cite common law to determine whether a person is classified as a worker or a working subcontractor according to the circumstances of their employment. Complex arrangements often exist, so each case is determined on an individual basis. Penalties may apply if an individual is incorrectly classified.

If you work under your own sole trader or partnership ABN but work almost exclusively for one client and are not free to do jobs for anyone else, that client has an employer-employee working relationship with you and they would therefore be required report your service to LeavePlus on your behalf as a worker.

Here is a list of attributes to look for to decide whether you, or your employee, are a working subcontractor or worker under LeavePlus rules. The below distinctions serve as a guideline only. To verify if you are a working subcontractor or a worker please contact LeavePlus via email to

Worker Working Subcontractor
Is an individual not engaged by the hirer as a company or partnership Will work for a number of different clients, not just one employer
An employment contract exists.  A contract of employment may be verbal or in writing.

The employer is responsible for superannuation, redundancy payments, sick pay, overtime allowances, WorkCover etc.
Often there will be pay slips showing these payments.

Person is a separate business entity e.g. uses an ABN, may operate as partnership (not including incorporated/Pty Ltd)
They may have a business name, advertise their services, have a uniform or other branding. A contract exists (either verbal or written) specifying the total outcome and amount to be paid.Entitlements such as leave, allowances etc. are not the hirer’s responsibility.
Employer has a right to exercise control over employee’s hours, work methods, etc. There is direct supervision. Person is responsible for their own hours and work methods and must make good any faulty work
Person does not have the right to delegate or sub-contract work assigned to them. Person is free to delegate or sub-contract the work (even if subject to reasonable approval by the hirer).
Is paid for all work performed at specified hourly, daily, weekly, or piece rate. Not paid on a job price with corresponding opportunity to make profit or loss. Job price gives person opportunity to make either a profit or loss.
Provides personal tools limited to their own trade – not larger machinery or plant. Generally responsible for all tools, machinery, materials etc. including order, delivery and transport
Person will be paid on a regular basis in a defined manner, e.g. a specific rate per hour or piece rate weekly or fortnightly. Aside from any agreed instalments, the person will be paid per job, or per job stage (“Price Per Job”)