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Employers contribute to the Scheme and their workers’ wellbeing. Support your workers to revitalise, come back refreshed, and be at their best.

How to Register

Complete the registration form to register your business with LeavePlus.


Portable long service leave is a vital part of our industry. It supports workers to take a well-earned break when they need to take time out and recharge.

Scheme Coverage

The LeavePlus portable long service leave Scheme covers building, construction, electrical and metal workers. Check if your trade is fully covered or partially covered here.


Businesses which employ persons to perform work covered by the Scheme are required by law to register with LeavePlus, report service for their workers, and pay long service leave charges.


Employers are required to report service for workers covered by the Scheme and pay long service leave charges to the Fund. The long service leave charge for employers is 2.7% of the total gross wages reported for your eligible workers.

Reporting Service

Employers are required to complete quarterly Workers Days and Wages (WDW) returns to report the service of their workers. You can also complete a Missing Service application if previous service has been unreported or misreported for your workers.

Business Owners

Many business owners in the construction industry also perform trade work covered under the rules of the Scheme. Employers and business owners may have different obligations dependent on the way that their business is structured.

Change of Entity

A Change of Entity occurs when changes to your business structure results in a change to your ABN or ACN.

Wage Verification

Workers making a long service leave claim online can be offered several mechanisms through which their claim payment can be calculated using their employer’s input.

Online Services

Manage your LeavePlus employer member profile all at the click of a button. Add workers, report service, and pay long service leave charges all in one place.

Employer FAQ

Got a question about LeavePlus that you haven't found the answer to? You'll probably find the answer here.