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Build up your service throughout your career. Take your well-earned break with LeavePlus.

How to Register

Find out how to register with LeavePlus as a self-employed subcontractor, and learn about registering your business if you are employing workers or apprentices.


Portable long service leave is a vital part of our industry. It supports self-employed subcontractors to take a well-earned break when they need to take time out and recharge.

Scheme Coverage

The scheme covers building, construction, electrical and metal workers. Check if your trade is fully covered or partially covered.


Self-employed working subcontractors may have different obligations according to their individual circumstances.


Self-employed working subcontractors can make optional contributions to build up their long service leave entitlement.

Building Up Service

Subcontractors build up service by making quarterly payments towards their own long service leave entitlement, building on top of any service you may have built up as a worker or apprentice.


Your self-employed working subcontractor entitlement works differently to any entitlement built up through service as a worker or apprentice.

Online Services

Online Services provides you with a platform where you can manage your registration all at the click of a button.

Self-Employed FAQ

If you can’t find the answer to a question in any of our other webpages, check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.