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LeavePlus is the trading name of CoINVEST Limited: a public company which administers the portable long service leave Scheme for the construction industry in Victoria.

History of the Scheme

Portable long service leave was first established for the construction industry in Victoria in 1976 – recognising the need for a portable scheme for project based industries to ensure that workers were able to access a well-earned break when they needed to take time out and recharge.

The Construction Industry Long Service Leave Board operated as a government Scheme from 1976 and was renamed as CoINVEST in 1992. The Scheme was privatised in 1997, with CoINVEST Limited named as the Trustee of the Scheme.

In 2023 CoINVEST changed its trading name and rebranded as LeavePlus. While CoINVEST Limited remains the Trustee of the Scheme, rebranding as LeavePlus offered a renewed opportunity for our members to connect with the benefits of the Scheme and allowed us to communicate more effectively around the vital role that portable long service leave plays in our industry.

Organisational structure

LeavePlus’ organisational structure has been designed to encompass a ‘whole of business’ approach in the way we support the business and deliver our services. This structure is supported by the Executive Team to ensure that the organisation is meeting its strategic goals in providing a great experience for members. The structure of the organisation is divided into the areas of:

  • Membership Services
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Finance and Investment
  • People and Culture
  • Legal and Compliance