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Adding Contacts

From Sole Traders to large corporations it is important for CoINVEST to know who has permission to transact and make enquiries about your business and Workers. This is why we request you nominate Contacts for your Employer account. You can add up to 10 contacts to your account.

How do I add a Contact?

To add a contact to your Employer account you will need to complete the Employer Contact Request Form with the following information:

Business Details

  • Your CoINVEST registration number.
  • Registered Business Name
  • Trading Name
  • ABN and/or ACN
  • Authorising member type (i.e. director, owner etc)
  • Authorising member personal details (Name, Date of Birth).

Contact Details

  • Personal details (Name, Date of Birth).
  • Position
  • Contact Details (email address, phone number).

What can a Contact on my account do?

Any Contact listed on your account will have full access. This means they will be able to:

  • Submit WDW’s
  • Enquire about your account
  • Update your Employer details
  • Provide Worker information.

How do I remove a contact?

If you would like to remove a contact please call CoINVEST on 1300 COINVEST or send an email to with the details of the Contact you would like to have removed.

When sending an email ensure you include your CoINVEST Employer Registration number, company name and ABN to ensure we can process your request in a timely manner.