Duplicate Pay Statements

Duplicate Pay Statements In MyGov/ATO Accounts

LeavePlus uses a third-party payroll system to pay members’ long service leave benefit payments. The payroll system utilises Single Touch Payroll (STP2) to lodge these benefit payments with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), which in turn populates a year-to-date pay statement in your MyGov/ATO account when the payment has been made.

We have been made aware by the payroll provider that they have recently carried out some updates to their back-end systems which has produced a bug affecting STP2 and pay statements. The bug is currently causing duplicate pay statements to populate in some LeavePlus members’ ATO/MyGov accounts for year-to-date payments paid in Financial Year 2023-24.

LeavePlus is the trading name of CoINVEST Limited – the Trustee for the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Fund (ABN 35 078 004 985). If you have been paid a long service leave benefit since 1 July 2023, a duplicate pay statement from ‘CoINVEST Ltd’ may appear in your MyGov/ATO account as below:

MyGov ATO example

The third-party payroll provider has advised that they are in the process of deploying a solution for this bug and expect to have the issue fully resolved by 30 November 2023.

The display of a duplicate pay statement does not mean that you have been paid twice or in error, or that there are any funds to be refunded by you to LeavePlus. The bug is simply a duplication of the original year-to-date pay statement produced by STP2 and requires no action to be taken by LeavePlus members. We thank you for your patience and understanding while this third-party issue is resolved.