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Break In Service

A Break in Service occurs when there is a gap of four (4) or more years between reported service periods.

As a result, service before the gap will become inactive. This means future reported service will not be a continuation of previously recorded service.

Applying for an ‘Approved Break In Service’

If you had been in the Construction Industry or medically unable to work during the gap period, you may be eligible for an approved Break in Service.

An approved Break in Service allows future service to be regarded as a continuation of previously recorded service.

There are four circumstances that can qualify for an approved Break in Service:

  • Being off work due to an injury sustained at work and you were receiving WorkCover
  • Being off work due an illness or injury upon medical advice (Medical Incapacity)
  • Performing construction work interstate
  • Performing construction work as a Subcontractor in Victoria

To submit your Break In Service Investigation Request, log in to the LeavePlus member portal and complete the Break In Service form.

What Information do I need to complete a Break in Service request?

You will need to provide the following to complete your Break in Service Request:

  • LeavePlus member number
  • Personal details
  • Business details (Subcontractors only)

What documentation do I need to provide?

You will need to provide different forms of documentation depending on the reason for your Break in Service.

Documentation must cover the date range you are raising the request for.

Please refer to the table below for the proof that’s required:

Break Type Proof Required
WorkCover Break Certificate of Capacity
Medical Incapacity Break Doctor’s Letter OR Doctor’s Certificate
Interstate Break Statement of Service from the Interstate Long Service Leave Scheme
Subcontractor Break Taxable Income Page from your tax return

Please Note: If this proof is not provided we will not be able to investigate your Break in Service request.