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Portable long service leave is a vital part of our industry. It helps keep workers safe and protects their physical and mental wellbeing. It keeps employers engaged and involved in the welfare of their workers and helps them remain an employer of choice and build long-term relationships with the very best of our industry.

Long service leave isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s mandatory. It’s the law. And we enforce it.

If there’s one thing we know about working in the construction industry, it’s that the work you do is hard. It is important, impactful, and fulfilling. But it is also undeniably challenging – both physically and emotionally.

The industry is a demanding one, and, as such, many job-related stress factors are experienced by workers. Construction businesses operate in a highly competitive market and are constantly asked to deliver projects with tight deadlines and tight budgets.

When you put in that level of physical and mental commitment, day in and day out, you’re not just going to want a break. You’re going to need one.

And that’s exactly what long service leave is for. It’s not just a perk of the job or some sort of bonus or reward. It’s something that every worker in our industry is absolutely entitled to. It’s a necessity in terms of your long-term wellbeing.

So, how, and where does long service leave fit into your career?

Long service leave is not just for those with long-term tenure with a single employer. We know that you work on multiple projects for multiple employers across your careers. You are workers, contractors, and subcontractors who are highly sought after and brought in as and when needed. That mobility often means some of us forget about the importance of taking a break.

Portable long service leave has been there for the Victorian construction industry since 1976. LeavePlus ensures that our industry can thrive by supporting workers to take a well-earned break when they need to take time out and recharge.