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How Do I Pay My Quarterly Voucher?

Once you have received your invoice, there are several different ways of paying.

You can pay your quarterly contribution by credit card or BPay by logging on to CoINVEST’s online services.

Simply log in using your member number and password, and select the period for which you would like to make payment from the menu.  You can pay directly by credit card or choose to retrieve the BPay reference for the period.

The BPAY reference is unique to each contribution period you pay and will change each time. Please make sure you use the correct BPay reference ID for the specific period which you are trying to pay: using an old or incorrect reference ID could result in your payment not being processed.

Please note, if you are an employer enquiring about paying WDW contributions on behalf of your workers, click here.

Interest on contributions

Interest is accrued on voluntary contributions for Working Subcontractors; the interest is calculated on the entire balance of your contributions plus any previously accrued interest. Interest is only paid on long service leave claims once you have accrued seven or more years of continuous recorded service.


If you would like a refund of your voluntary contributions before you have accrued the required seven years of continuous service, you will be entitled only to a refund of the contributions you have put in; you will not be entitled to any accrued interest component. All requests for refunds must be made to CoINVEST in writing.