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CoINVEST is now paperless

CoINVEST’s processes are now paperless. For employers this means that Workers Days and Wages (WDW) submissions are online-only using our Employer Portal from the Jan-Mar 2021 period, and paper forms will not be issued or accepted. Below is a helpful video guide which shows just how easy it is to submit Workers Days and Wages information using the Employer Portal:

Paper and email returns are no longer considered best practice. Our online services Employer Portal is more secure in protecting the information that relates to businesses and their workers. It also puts all employer transactions in one secure and convenient place, saving valuable time and effort.

Workers Days and Wages returns are now submitted through CoINVEST’s secure Employer Portal and all employers must set up access to the portal by 29 March 2021 to continue to comply with their Long Service Leave obligations in a secure and suitable way.

Why are we making this change now?

Over the last year it has become increasingly apparent with news of Australian companies suffering privacy breaches that organisations need to do better in protecting staff and employees’ information. To support the Construction industry, CoINVEST has implemented improvements in how it delivers its services.

Employers were notified in writing about the move to paperless Workers Days and Wages submissions in the Oct-Dec 2020 quarter. With the move to paperless now established, businesses can have more confidence in the security of how they provide employee information for their quarterly Long Service Leave return to CoINVEST.

What do I need to do?

If you are an employer who has not yet set up access to the online services Employer Portal, you must do so before 29 March 2021:

  • Select the ‘LOG IN TO COINVEST’ button in the top right corner of any CoINVEST webpage
  • Select the ‘Register here’ link and enter the CoINVEST registration number for your business
  • Press submit and follow the password setup instructions which will arrive by email

Once you have completed your online access setup, you will be ready to submit your Workers Days and Wages returns through the Employer Portal every quarter. You will receive an email notification to let you know when each return period is ready to complete online.

We’re here to help

There are plenty of resources available to help employers use the online services Portal to submit Workers Days and Wages returns at

If you have any questions about Workers Days and Wages which you can’t find an answer for on our website, please don’t hesitate to use the ‘contact us’ form in your Employer Portal or call our team on 1300 CoINVEST (1300 264 683).